Business Phone System by Panasonic: IP Phones

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Panasonic has been designing and selling business phone systems since the early 80's. Telco depot is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Panasonic Business Phone Systems. The NS700 system was initially released for sale in US market using traditional Panasonic look, feel and functionality. Now Panasonic upped the offering and added the newly designed DT680 (Digital) as well as NT680 (Network - CAT5 or higher). Both version phones (DT or NT) are available in either traditional black or via beautiful white colors. The 680 series phones support Bluetooth headsets for complete hands free operation. Panasonic Business Phone Systems have a Hugh installed base in the US and if you purchase this phone system through Telco Depot, you will enjoy this business phone system for many years to come.

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On-Site vs. Cloud Phone Systems

Local Server Phone Systems:
  • Use VoIP service OR connect to a local landline provider*
  • Own your Phone System with easy self Install
  • No per-user monthly charges
  • 30-Days Money Back
  • One-time purchase cost amortised over many years
  •  No hidden fees

Local Server Phone Systems connect to telephone or data network wiring found in most offices and are compatible with standard, analog telephone company lines or VoIP phone lines. Our expert technicians help you setup, program and maintain your phone system.

*Local landline may require server upgrade

Cloud Based Phone Systems
  • No local server -eliminates upgrades & maintenance charges
  • No Per User Monthly Charges.
  • Work from your Office, Home or anywhere there is Internet connection
  • 30-Days Money Back
  • Pay month to month, no contract needed
  •  No hidden fees

Cloud Based Phone Systems use VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. With our VoIP you eliminate paying for on-site PBX phone system equipment and expensive landlines. Your phone system is a professionally managed, dedicated IP PBX. We set up, customizes and maintains the system per your specific needs.