Syspine A50 Plus Phone System with 4 IP Phones: 4-Line Server

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This 4 phone Syspine package is all you and your business need to get started! Connect up to 4 traditional phone lines and grow up to 50 IP telephones.
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Syspine A50 Plus Phone System with 4 IP Phones: 4-Line Server
Syspine A50 Plus Phone System with 4 IP Phones: 4-Line Server

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    Syspine A50 Plus Phone System With 4 IP Phones: 4-Line Business Phone

    Syspine's A50 Plus phone system is an excellent choice of a 4 line business phone system for a company needing from 2 to 50 phones. This system is extremely easy to install and maintain yourself and with the well designed administration software, programming is also very easy.

    Get big company features with the all Syspine A50 IP Phone server system at a key system price and save over the life of your system by doing your own installation and maintenance!

    The Syspine A50 IP phone server is ready to work with the Syspine IP 310 phones. You don't need any additional hardware or any licenses to add VoIP line service or additional phones. The only limitation to VoIP line service is your Internet Bandwidth and you can have up to 50 total IP phones connected to your system.

    Phones may be connected remotely without the need for any VPN or special license. We do strongly recommend a static IP address for the location with the server for remote phone connection.

    Syspine A50 Plus Phone Server Features:

    • Up to 4 line business phone connection
    • Connect up to 50 IP phones
    • Unlimited Certified Telco Depot VoIP Channels/Lines
    • Reliable and intelligent hardware design
    • LCD operator panel enables multiple installation methods
    • Fan-less design for low ambient noise environment and energy savings
    • Support for SIP standard devices: IP phones, gateways, etc. - not all feature/functionality can be guaranteed with 3rd party devices
    • Integrates both VoIP/SIP trunks and traditional analog phone lines
    • Call Transfer, Call Forward, Call Park, Call Retrieve and Call Pickup
    • Internal page to user, group or external page through add on speakers
    • 10-party conference rooms with managed or “on-the-fly” anytime access
    • More than 115 hours of solid state voicemail storage capacity
    • Automatic forwarding of voice mail by email
    • Flexible call distribution for small call center agent operations
    • Automatic Route Selection with overflow routing
    • Intelligent Office Manager for Day, Night, Weekends and Holiday scheduling
    • Menu driven Intelligent Operator auto attendant with one digit routing
    • 3-Tier User Call restriction tables and block list
    • Agent and User Group ring options with log in/log out capabilities
    • Browser-based system administration
    • Auto installation of Syspine IP phones and PSTN trunks with just 1 mouse-click
    • Setup configuration wizards make changes amazingly easy
    • Auto discovery of new installed or relocated Syspine phones
    • Remote office extensions (IP phones and Soft-phones) via broadband Internet
    • 1-year hardware warranty supported by Telco Depot

    Note: Phones are wall mountable

    Number of Phones4 Phones
    Max Number of Phones50

    On-Site vs. Cloud Phone Systems

    Local Server Phone Systems:
    • Use VoIP service OR connect to a local landline provider*
    • Own your Phone System with easy self Install
    • No per-user monthly charges
    • 30-Days Money Back
    • One-time purchase cost amortised over many years
    •  No hidden fees

    Local Server Phone Systems connect to telephone or data network wiring found in most offices and are compatible with standard, analog telephone company lines or VoIP phone lines. Our expert technicians help you setup, program and maintain your phone system.

    *Local landline may require server upgrade

    Cloud Based Phone Systems
    • No local server -eliminates upgrades & maintenance charges
    • No Per User Monthly Charges.
    • Work from your Office, Home or anywhere there is Internet connection
    • 30-Days Money Back
    • Pay month to month, no contract needed
    •  No hidden fees

    Cloud Based Phone Systems use VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. With our VoIP you eliminate paying for on-site PBX phone system equipment and expensive landlines. Your phone system is a professionally managed, dedicated IP PBX. We set up, customizes and maintains the system per your specific needs.