Telco Depot 1 Month of VoIP Phone Service: Additional Channel

You must purchase 1 primary channel in order to use any additional channels. All that's needed is an internet connection!

Telco Depot 1 Month of VoIP Telephone Service: Additional Channel

This service includes an additional channel for unlimited calling within the US and Canada.

You may add as many additional VoIP channels as you would like, to give you the desired number of concurrent calls you want. There is no contract required and you can stop the service at any time; we will prorate the service and refund you the unused portion.

After the purchase of your phone service we will be contacting prior to activating your service.

Phone Service Benefits:

  • Calls include the US & Canada
  • No local exchange limits
  • No taxes or hidden fees - what you see is what you pay!
  • Fast turnaround time for addition or changes to your service
  • No contract - you can cancel your service at any time
  • 99.999998% Promised up-time
  • Multi-line discounts


  • Purchase of 1 Primary channel is required in order to use an additional channels.
  • E911 will only register with the local PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point).
  • We do not accommodate remote changes to E911 registration at this time.
  • Please allow for 100kbs of internet bandwidth for each VoIP channel.