USB Phone Recorder

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Record conversation from any phone call or even record conversations in your room. Store or your PC or e-mail anywhere

USB Phone Recorder

The USB phone recorder by TelcoDepot is perfect for your office as you can record calls, including conference calls and you can play them back whenever you want to later on. In fact, you can record any calls made by your sales personnel to make sure customer experience is top-notch. This innovative telephone recording device is perfect for conference calls, training calls and even to meet some legal requirements.

With a high quality, built-in microphone, TelcoDepot's telephone recording device lets you record your meetings easily, giving you the opportunity to compare audio playbacks to your notes as well as sending these recordings to other departments or branches by email. This is an exceptional addition to your office, regardless of how you choose to use it.

The USB phone recorder by TelcoDepot hooks up to your computer via the USB cable and it also connects to any digital, analog or VoIP telephone using the handset cord.

Recording conversations is as simple as pushing a button! Your recordings are stored on your computer in standard .wav format. Therefore, they can be e-mailed to anyone and played back with any audio player such as Windows Media Player or even store it automatically in a network storage device.

Please note, this recorder will NOT work on MAC computers !!!

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