Valcom Three-Zone 1-Way Enhanced Paging Controller

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Thee-zone one-way enhanced paging controller with built in power, supports background music and paging override. Power Units = +20

Three-Zone Enhanced Valcom Paging Controller

  • 3 Zone one-way analog compressor page control
  • All call
  • Background music input, automatically mutes in zone being paged
  • Page override for special priority announcements
  • Features are programmable per zone
  • Built-in tone generator for night ringing, time clock tone, doorbell
  • Accepts pulse and tone dial
  • Battery back-up input
  • Built-in power
  • UL listed
  • To interface with analog extension or Centrex line add the VC-V-9970
  • Access: page port on selected telephone systems, PBX loop start or ground-start trunk port, electronic or 1A2 line key(line card required), or dedicated single line phone set
  • Input impedance: 600 ohm
  • Music source impedance: 4 to 600 ohm
  • Music input level:-10dBm nominal
  • DC output: -24 Vdc @ 1.5A
  • Power requirements: 230 Vac/1A or 120 Vac/2A
  • Power Units = +20